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Are You Seeing Ostrich? Viral 'Tree Or Couple' Photo Sparks Debate

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A photo by Matthew Pinner, a photographer known for his 2017 photography book on the UK town of Dorset, is going viral on social media. Posted on X on Tuesday, the photo depicts a plank of wood in which the wood grain resembles an ostrich, according to netizens. Pinner wrote in the caption of the post on X: "Apparently, if you can see a tree, you're left-brained, and if you can see two people holding hands, you're right-brained 🤔"

The photo quickly went viral with people saying that they see neither, and rather see an ostrich."Looks like a freakin drugged up ostrich to me! LOL! Does that mean my brain is fried? Or am I just “special”? SLMAO!" one user wrote.

"I see an ostrich - very vividly," wrote another.

"What if I see an Ostrich? Is that bad or good? Both sides or no sides of my brain?" said another.

"An ostrich that has had an extended meeting with my mother in law," wrote one.

"I saw a sad looking Ostrich head with droopy eyes!" said another.

Wood grain are formed by the growth rings of a tree as it ages. These patterns vary based on the tree species and the way the wood is cut. For example, rosewood, with colors ranging from red and burgundy to light brown. Teak, White oak, found in eastern and central North America, Red oak, similar to white oak but with a red-brown color and coarse grain, are some of the common wood grain patterns used in odd objects.
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