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When TikToker Maddie Shared 'Evidence' Of Dating Barron Trump

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In a recent development, TikTok user Maddie, who previously claimed to be Barron Trump's first girlfriend, has once again brought attention to the youngest child of former President Donald Trump. The Irish Star stated that Maddie announced her choice to attend the University of Miami via a video that she uploaded on TikTok. Though Barron Trump hasn't chosen a college yet, this statement has generated rumors about a potential reunion on campus. Times Now, however, is unable to vouch for the truth behind the statements stated in the video. Barron Trump, who is eighteen years old and stands at an outstanding height of 2.06 meters, just received his Oxbridge Academy diploma. He's presently choosing which college to attend. This choice is being made at a pivotal moment because Donald Trump, his father, is standing for president again in November. Donald Trump recently praised his son, describing him as tall, good-looking, and an excellent student. "He's applied to colleges and gets into everywhere he goes. He's very sought after from the standpoint he's a very smart guy. He's a very tall guy. And he's a great kid," the former president said.Barron could enroll in the University of Pennsylvania, where his father attended the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, according to earlier reports. NYU was taken into consideration as an additional alternative, The Irish Star mentioned. However, considering the importance of this year for his family, Maddie's most recent TikTok tweet suggests that Barron hasn't decided yet and could also think about taking a gap year. Maddie, who uses the Instagram handle @madditude, first came to notice in 2020 after she posted a video in which she claimed to have dated Barron Trump while a student at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. In the video, she spoke positively about her time with Barron, recounting how their class was invited to the White House following Donald Trump's election in 2016.With Barron's graduation from high school and his father's re-entry as the Republican nominee for president, interest in her video has increased. The whole fifth-grade class of Barron was, in fact, invited to the White House in 2017, despite the fact that many of Maddie's assertions are still unsubstantiated. Claiming to have gone to the same school as Maddie and Barron, another user endorsed her account and repeated her praise for Barron. In response to rumors that they broke up, Maddie clarified that there had been no arguments or confrontations. Rather, they chose to break up after Barron moved to Florida for the summer, which brought an end to their relationship.

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